SprintTimer Guide

Video finish

Compared to Photo Finish, the Video Finish function is mainly designed for use at longer distances where the participants arrive at longer intervals. Start the timer (see the Start Guide) and place the iPhone/iPad so the white line in the camera view is aligned with the finish line. Start the recording when the first participant approaches. Each time someone enters the red detection zone, 2-10 video frames are recorded. After stopping the recording you can browse through the video to see all participants as they pass the finish line and read their respective times. Swipe on the image to move one frame and use the slider to move quickly through video. The swipe and slider directions reflect the direction of the race.

At the frame where a person is closest to the finish line, a marking can be added to the video. These markings are used to generate a results list that can be saved, along with the video and still images. The names are also imprinted on the video frames of the respective competitors, along with the time. To make the results list even more informative, add a startlist of the participants (see the Results Guide).

Dual mode

If none of the video frames shows the racer exactly at the finish line you can increase the accuracy by using the dual mode. This mode enables you to measure the time down to 0.01 s, even at a relatively low frame rate. Scroll to the frame just before the racer crosses the mid-line. Tap the Dual button and you will see two video frames superimposed and two finish lines. Drag the L-line to the left video frame and the R-line to the right image. The time will be update when you drag the lines and is saved when you tap the Mark button. The line should be placed as if the racer just is crossing the finish line, i.e. at the breast of a runner or the front wheel of a bike.

Video of using Dual Mode.

Background timing
SprintTimer normally uses a processor clock with high accuracy. This is clock is running as long as the device is active (i.e. you can put SprintTimer in the background). If you put the device to sleep, however, that clock will stop. During very long races it can be useful to put SprintTimer to sleep to save energy. Video Finish therefore uses a combination of other clocks as a backup.

If you put SprintTimer to sleep when you have started the timer (but not the recording) it will automatically switch to the backup clock. The accuracy of the total time will be within a few hundredth of a second, and the difference between the racers will still have a 0.01 s accuracy. You should not leave Video Finish when you have started the video recording.

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