FitnessMeter is an advanced timing and measurement app for fitness testing and athletic performance evaluation. It is a versatile and configurable tool for both coaches and individuals, that can be applied to more than 20 different tests.

Flying sprint
Uses the camera to measure the time between two points, similar to two timing gates. Can be used to measure the top speed or the acceleration over 10-20 m.

Sprint and Shuttle
In this mode, the app acts like a timing gate plus a starting gun. It has a number of settings that make it possible to use for both conventional sprints and different agility tests. Users set the number of passes before stopping the clock and if the timer should start at the gun or when the runner starts moving. Examples of tests can be run in this mode include Conventional Sprint, 20-Yard Agility Test, 20-Yard Shuttle, Pro Agility Shuttle, Illinois Agility Test, Agility Shuttle Run, 505 Agility Test, Agility T-Test, 3 Cone Drill/L-Drill, and the Lane Agility Drill.

Vertical Jump
Records a short video from the back or front camera, where you can easily measure the jumping height. Alternatively, use the accelerometer and put the iPhone in your pocket.

Counts and times various activities like sit ups, push ups, step ups etc. You can choose to either place the iPhone on the side and use motion detection through the camera (back or front), or put the iPhone on yourself and use the accelerometer.

Beep Test
Beep Test mode follows the original MSFT-Test, but can be configured to fit alternative procedures. Users can also let fitnessMeter save an image at each beep to keep track of a large group of runners. When the test is stopped, a video with all the pictures is presented. The video can then be saved to the common picture folder.