A series of specialized utilities:
SeeLevel – visual clinometer and distance measurement tool.
LapTracker – automatic lap counter and timer.
JumpMeter –  jump height meter with automatic tracking.
StartMeter – reaction times when starting.

SeeLevel – Visual Clinometer

With SeeLevel you can measure angles of objects viewed through the camera. This greatly increases the the usability of the iPhone and iPad as a Clinometer/Level. SeeLevel let you:

  • Measure angles of objects viewed through the camera
  • Find the angle relative to the horizon (like a sextant)
  • Get the vertical line to the ground (like a plumb)
  • Estimate the tilt of objects in the distance
  • Calculate the height of, or distance to, an object (Inclinometer)
  • Use it as a conventional level independent of the camera





LapTracker is a motion detection-based lap timer that can be used to track runners, cyclists, cars, models, swimmers, karts, slot cars etc. The camera view has up to four adjustable detection zones that can be used to track up to four different racers.
The iPhone/iPad is placed on the side of the track and laps are automatically counted, timed and spoken. Results are presented in graphical form to enable simple and straightforward comparison of participants, and can also be submitted by email f
or further analysis



The easiest and fastest way to measure jump height! JumpPower automatically detects a jumper in front of the camera and tracks the jump with face detection. No set up or interaction with the app is required and the result is spoken directly after the jump.

JumpPower also tracks the acceleration from the crouch position to the peak of the jump, which enables it to accurately calculate the power output of the jumper.




Improve your start technique and start speed with StartMeter! The app contains three tools, two to measure your reaction time and one to record a slow motion video synchronised with the start signal. The start sequence is fully customizable and you can edit words, times and language. StartMeter is a fun and easy to use tool for athletes and coaches in sports like sprinting, swimming and short track where a first-class start is advantageous.