RacquetTune ensures that your racquet is ideally suited to your style of play. All you need to do is tap the strings – RacquetTune then uses the sound generated to calculate the tension with high accuracy. In addition, the interactive swingweight calculator aids in customizing your racquet to fit your own stroke pattern, while the stiffness calculator allows you to simulate different combinations of strings and tension.

Tension measurement

  • A quick and easy way to determine tension and stringbed stiffness.
  • Able to detect changes in tension as small as 0.1 kg/0.2 lb.
  • An accuracy indicator ensures consistent results.
  • Graphical presentation of sound waves to help you find the ideal way of tapping the strings, in order to obtain the highest possible accuracy.
  • Racquet and string data can be saved for further analysis.
  • Settings can be customized for tennis, squash, racquetball and badminton racquets, respectively.
  • View the tension history for each racquet as a list or a graph.
  • Email a spreadsheet with test data

Swingweight calculator

  • Add as many weights as you wish to the frame.
  • Move and change weights to visualize how swingweight, balance and sweet spot location are affected.
  • Enter target values for the racquet and let RacquetTune distribute the weights automatically.

Stringbed stiffness calculator

  • Simulate various racquet and string configurations.
  • Vary tension, string type, and racquet head size.
  • Shows load-displacement curves, stiffness and elastic energies.
  • Handles the large deformations encountered in actual play.


“The app is very, very impressive. I get more tension diagnostic questions than just about anybody in the universe, so this is a very good thing to be able to recommend.”
Jonathan Wolfe, US Racquet Stringers Association