SpeedClock allows simple and straightforward measurement of the speed of cars, boats, skaters, skiers, cyclists,  models, balls, etc. The system is based on motion detection and object tracking, enabling you to track a moving object using a hand-held device alone. The app also includes two distance estimation tools.

Speed radar
SpeedClock uses the camera to detect and analyze motion, and a reference distance to calculate the speed of an object. Define the distance to the object of interest, hold the iPhone still and let the object pass over the screen. The speed is displayed automatically. The sensitivity setting allows you to manually adjust for differences in object size, whether the iPhone is handheld or placed on a stand, as well as variations in light and background intensity.The Snapshot function allows you to save your measurements for further analysis. Along with the Autoreset function, this enables you to program the iPhone to automatically measure the speed and save an image of passing objects.ver

High-Speed Tool
In the case of high-speed or small-size objects (e.g. a tennis- or baseball), the regular motion detection system may not be fast enough. SpeedClock is therefore equipped with a video recording function that allows you to analyze the speed of objects that are difficult to catch.

Distance Tools
The stadimeter calculates distance based on the size of a known object, e.g. a car. The clinometer instead uses your own height and the angle of the iPhone to estimate the distance to a point on the ground. The obtained distances can then be used to calculate speed using the speed tools.