SprintTimer is a unique sports timer and photo finish app that employs the same techniques as the fully automatic timing equipment (FAT) used at the Olympics. Start the clock and point the camera towards the finish line. You will get a photo finish image that you can scroll to get the time for each competitor with 0.01 s accuracy.
SprintTimer also includes a motion activated video finish for longer races and a start sender for sending the start time wirelessly.

Photo Finish
SprintTimer has several advantages over a stopwatch:
– One person can time all participants
– Much higher accuracy
– Easier to determine the order
– The image and the results can be saved
– Can operate “hands-free” when started
– Start the timer manually, with a sound or remotely

Video Finish
The Video Finish function is designed for use at longer distances where the participants arrive at longer intervals. Start the recording and 2-6 video frames are captured each time a competitor passes the finish line . Browse through the video to see all participants as they pass the finish line and read their respective times. Markings can be added to the video frames and these markings can then be used to generate a results list, along with a video and still images that can be saved for further analysis.

Multiple areas of application
SprintTimer can be applied to almost all forms of racing, e.g. athletics, horse racing, greyhound racing, cycling, kayaking, speed skating, car or motorcycle racing, rowing, etc. The app is ideal for use during e.g. single practice, school gym class and small track meets. It is a helpful asset for coaches and teachers who wish to time several athletes simultaneously, and to be able to clearly distinguish between competitors.

Apple featured SprintTimer in their world wide TV-ad Strength
Apple featured SprintTimer in their worldwide TV-ad Strength

“Wonderful app, I’ve been using it for 2-3 years now. I coach and manage professional sprinters and this app has been invaluable for my training camp. As a coach, my resume includes 6 national records, 1 world record and 7 major championship medals (including a Gold from this years IAAF Indoor World Championships). I tell every coach I know about the app, I hope you guys continue to build and develop it.”
Bryn Davis
Las Vegas, USA

“What a brilliant app! Our £9000 photo finish camera broke down and we had a full day of bike races to judge. Cyclists crossing the line at speed could be placed easily and numbers were seen. A real lifesaver and worth way more than £2.25! Highly recommended.”
UK user

“Fabulous App! – We used Sprint Timer at our recent district sports day. It worked a treat and was able to clearly distinguish placegetters. For the first time, there were no protests from parents or team managers. Really efficient!”
Australian user