SprintTimer for macOS is an app that complements SprintTimer on iOS and lets you:

  • Mark a base video and generate results.
  • Start a race (manual or sound) and the recording with Start Sender.
  • Generate start lists and export results.

The Mac version is, however, not a stand-alone timing app since it has no camera access and can’t record video. SprintTimer Mac is free but requires that you have SprintTimer Pro on iOS and that both devices are logged into the same iCloud account. It requires macOS Catalina (10.15) or later (11.0 for sound start).

The Mac version supports keyboard commands (see the Guide), and you can open base videos through AirDrop, import or drag and drop. The design follows the iOS-version closely, which makes it easy to switch between the platforms, but it may seem a little “un-mac-like.” See the video below.



What is the current version?
The latest version is 17.8 and was posted on May 21, 2022.
The Mac version numbers follow the iOS version, but not every new iOS version will result in a Mac update.

How do I import base videos from an iPhone/iPad?
– AirDrop: Double click on the file, and it will open SprintTimer.
– Import: Go to the base video list and tap the import button.
– Drag and drop: Drag the file to the main menu, the base video list, or to the app icon.
See this blog post for more tips.

How do I navigate in the finish view?
You have three options to scroll the image:
– Drag the scroll slider
– Press and hold the left or right arrow on the keyboard, to move faster, press cmd+ arrow
– Click and drag anywhere on the image
Do not use a two-finger swipe on a MacBook trackpad to scroll (only to pan when zoomed in)

Will timing/recording be added in the future?
SprintTimer is based on Apple’s Catalyst framework that lets a developer convert an iPad app to macOS. Unfortunately does Catalyst presently not support the more advanced video-recording that SprintTimer requires. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

Can I connect a starting gun?
Yes, see this blog post.

Can I use the keyboard?
Yes, check out the “keyboard shortcuts” in the Guide.

Can I use it even if I don’t have SprintTimer Pro?
No, it will check that you have an active subscription or bought Pro on your iOS device.

What versions of Mac OS are supported?
SprintTimer requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later. To use the sound triggered start in Start Sender, macOS 11.0 is needed.

What are the differences between the macOS and the iOS versions?
– No timing/recording
– The start list stays open during marking