SprintTimer guides
Basic Tutorial
Finish Modes – Photo, Video, and Live Finish overview
Photo Finish- setting up and interpretation the photo finish
Video Finish – usage and set up
Live Finish – usage and set up
Start – starting the clock manually, through sound, or with a self-start
Start Sender – sending the start signal wirelessly
Results Manager – start lists, markings, and exporting results

Questions & Answers
Questions not covered in the guides

Tutorial videos
Photo finish basics
Video finish Basics
Dualmode in Video finish
Setting up Start sender
Using the Results Manager
Importing Start Lists
Opening a start list file

Blog posts with additional information
SprintTimer accuracy
Understanding the photo finish
Calibrating the hand start
Calibrating the start sound
Connecting an electronic starting gun to SprintTimer
Making a long sound cable
A battery-powered router for Start Sender
Speed and agility testing
The stand-alone finish line camera
Sprint Testing
Improving motion detection
Adding a front line camera
With SprintTimer as the starter
Creating start lists with spreadsheets
Adding an external display

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