Managing start lists and results with Excel and Numbers

A spreadsheet is often a convenient tool to handle start lists and results. Both Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel have good cloud functionality, making it easy to automatically transfer data between plattforms. Both the start list and the results inn SprintTimer support copy and paste from and to the spreadsheet, making the transfer pretty straight forward.

Creating a start list.
Type the names in a column in the spreadsheet. Mark the column and copy. Open the start list in SprintTimer and paste the names. When you close the page the names will be saved and automatically separated with ; .  The name list is now ready for use.

You essentially have three alternative set ups:

Alt 1: Create the names in Numbers or Excel on the same device as you are running SprintTimer. Download the iOS version of Numbers or Excel (they are free). Type in the names and copy. This is pretty straightforward, but you might not gain so much since you are still stuck with with the small screen and keyboard, especially if you are using an iPhone.

Alt 2: Create the names on another iOS device, Mac or PC and sync the spreadsheet over the cloud. You need both a ”local” spreadsheet app on your device and the same app on another device and sync the two over the cloud. This solution requires a little more set up, but is the most flexible in terms of what you can do and the available plattforms. It also enables different people to work on the data.

Alt 3: Create the names on a Mac or iPad and use the Universal Clipboard to paste it directly into SprintTimer. This is very convenient since you can transfer the names directly from the Mac to SprintTimer in one step. But in my experience it works best when you have both devices next to each other and can control both sides. More on universal copy and paste

Transferring results
To get the results from SprintTimer to the spreadsheet go to ”Show results” and tap Copy in the top right corner. Open Numbers or Excel and paste the result. You have the same three alternatives as described above, i.e. pasting it in a spreadsheet either locally or remotely and syncing over the cloud. An additional alternative for the results is to send a CSV-file via email.

Cloud and applications.
Numbers is a free app both on iOS and the Mac, and there is a web version that can be used also on a Windows PC. To sync documents you must be logged into iCloud on both devices. On MacOS choose ”Numbers-iCloud” as where to save the document. On iOS go to the settings app, open your account (at the top), go to iCloud and check that Numbers is allowed to use iCloud. Then go back to the main page and scroll way down till you find the Numbers settings and turn on ”Use iCloud”.  You should now be able to save a document on one device and open it on another. This means that you can copy and paste start lists and results between SprintTimer and Numbers on the same device and access it on another device after saving. Numbers and iCloud.

Excel gives you more platform and cloud options, but there might be a cost involved. The iOS app is free and can be dowloaded from the app store. To transfer and sync the files you can use Microsofts Onedrive, which requires a Microsoft account and an Office subscription. Alternatively you can use iCloud drive or Dropbox. Cloud alternatives.

Safari: An alternative is to use the web versions of Numbers, Excel or Google Sheets. The advantage is that you don’t have to install anything, but the performance of local apps are usually better.